Supporting the Australian dairy industry!

When it comes to feeding your baby, we know that breast is best – it is undeniable. Unfortunately, a reality for many new mothers is that they simply cannot breast feed, due to a number of medical or personal reasons differing from each mum to the next.

However, when looking for an alternative, a quick scan of the supermarket shelves – often under microscope – reveals to these mother’s that the only options available to them are formulas produced overseas, made from poor quality ingredients.

Every major brand that has come to form a new mum’s perception of what a breastfeeding alternative should look like is made overseas, lacking the nutrition that can so easily be ascertained from Australian dairy milk.

It makes no sense! We have an abundance of high quality, nutrient-rich dairy being produced all throughout the nation, and yet all that is available for purchase as an alternative to breast-feeding for Aussie mums is a low-quality, imported version.

It was for this very reason that Nature’s Food World was founded; to provide an Australian made alternative, which provides the wholesome goodness of dairy produced on Australian dairy farms throughout Victoria.

The beauty of Nature’s Food World Australian baby formula, is that our product isn’t only beneficial for the newborns, babies and toddlers consuming it.

By purchasing from Nature’s Food World, a 100% Australian-owned baby formula manufacturer, you’re also contributing to breathing life back into the struggling Australian dairy industry.

The woes of the Australian dairy industry, an industry that has been at the core of Australia’s prosperity for decades, have been brought on by the price wars that are frequently acknowledged in the media.

Wouldn’t it feel nice to know that if you are unable to breast feed for whatever reason, by giving your newborn or toddler Nature’s Food World you weren’t only giving them the best available alternative, but supporting an Australian industry crumbling under the pressure of domestic pricing and foreign competitors?

We think it would!

Read more about our Australian made baby formula, toddler milk drink, and follow-on milk powder right here on our website – or get in touch with the team if you’d like to know more about the benefits of buying Australian made baby formula.