Nature’s Food World.
Your baby deserves the best

Choosing the right food for your baby, toddler or child can be a tough decision. Getting the right nutrition in the first stages of life is crucial as these formative years provide the basis for health and happiness in later life.

Nature’s Food World Infant Formula is produced from the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that our formula supplies the essential minerals and vitamins to your baby.

All of our ingredients used in the manufacture of our infant formula are subjected to the highest level of scrutiny, microbiological, chemical testing and analysis. All our testing is carried out by nationally and NATA accredited laboratories to ensure the safest product is being consumed by your precious baby.

You can feel secure knowing that you are feeding your baby the finest formula when you purchase Nature’s Food World infant formula.

Infant formulas are designed to provide your child with the right combination of vitamins and nutrients to enhance their health and development every step of the way. Nature’s Food World baby formulas are ethically manufactured using only quality ingredients, to provide pure, wholesome nutrition.

Extensive research and development sits behind every one of our baby formulas to ensure they deliver the perfect balance of nutrients to optimise growth and development. Choosing high quality formula is highly beneficial during these rapid growth and development phases when babies need the best nutrition possible.

Our formula is

Ethical Manufactured

We are proud to follow ethical manufacturing standards, to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. We source the best quality ingredients, and hold our manufacturing process to the highest standard to ensure that our customers receive top quality products.

High Quality Ingredients

It all begins with the highest quality ingredients. Our cows are raised in nutrient rich pastures and allowed to roam and graze on lush green pastures.

Nutritionally Superior

Our products are full of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to enhance and support the health and development of your baby.

So why do we think our baby formula is so special…..