Keeping your baby fuller for longer

As adults, we appreciate the value of eating healthy foods that keep us feeling full and sustained between meals, and we know the importance of an unbroken and restful night’s sleep.

And while we know that both a good diet and a good night’s sleep is also imperative for a growing baby, when they can’t speak to us, it’s hard to guess how they are doing on both fronts.

However, with tangible evidence and anecdotes from Australian mum’s feeding their babies our Australian made baby formula, you can rest assured on Nature’s Food World, your baby will be getting the best of the best when it comes to sleep, and sustenance.

In our last blog we outlined the nutritional benefits of Nature’s Food World’s 100% Australian made baby formula, and how the vitamins and minerals will assist your baby in developing into a healthy and happy child.

But how do those benefits translate when it comes to our toughest critics; the Australian mums and bubs consuming our baby formula range?



Our nutrient-dense baby formulas and toddler milk drinks are packed with the essential vitamins and minerals your growing baby needs. 

“Nature’s Food World fills her little tummy more, which has made it great for all of her feeds!”- Suzy, Victoria



A fuller stomach, especially before night time feeds, is imperative to ensure a restful night’s sleep for both you and your baby, and a key component of filling their little tummies adequately is choosing a suitable formula.

“Your formula has been wonderful, especially for night feeds, as she – as well as mummy and daddy – are getting a longer night’s sleep!”


While our Australian made and owned baby formula and milk powders are wonderful for your child, Nature’s Food World acknowledges that when it comes to nutrition for babies and toddlers, breastfeeding is always best.

Our product is simply a high-quality, Australian-made alternative should you be unable to breastfeed, or choose to formula or mixed feed for your own personal reasons.