The health benefits of our Australian made baby formula!

Ensuring your baby is well nourished in his or her early years is imperative to ensuring a healthy and happy life!

But as a mother who is unable or chooses not to breastfeed, it can be tough to find the right food for your baby; the best one to keep them sustained, nourished, and developing well during the crucial first stages of their life.

Nature’s Food World Australian made baby formula promotes healthy growth for your newborn, right through to toddler, by ensuring all ingredients we use are subjected to the highest level of scrutiny, and therefore guaranteeing the safest product is being consumed by your precious bundle of joy!


100% Australian Made

As our product is made on Australian dairy farms, it provides your child with Australian lactose, as well as Australian whey protein concentrate, an excellent source of protein in their early stages.

Being 100% Australian made – having earned our green kangaroo ‘Australian Made’ confirmation – means our baby formula is held in the highest regard globally for its high quality and nutritional benefits.


Complete & Balanced nutrition

Nature’s Food World baby formula is packed full of nutrients to promote the development of your baby, including the following essentials:

  • Lineoleic acid and ARA –  or Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • FOS and GOS – prebiotics promoting the growth of beneficial microflora
  • Nucleotides – the building blocks for your baby’s DNA and RNA
  • Taurine – essential for good liver function
  • Inositol – essential nutrient for cells
  • Biotin – helps break down protein, fat and carbohydrates for your baby to use as energy
  • Essential and added vitamins and minerals


Promotes Healthy Growth

In progressing from the newborn to toddler stage, your baby is now becoming more active, more aware, and is developing faster; all of which require a higher level of nutrition.

Our specifically designed toddler formula accommodates all of their needs at this point in the growth phase, and incorporates the following essentials elements for healthy growth and development:

  • L-carnitine for improved energy and brain functioning
  • Lutein important in the development of vision and eye health
  • Beta-caroteneprovides overall protection through enhancing the immune system
  • Choline vital in the development of the brain and memory


If you have any questions regarding the suitability of Nature’s Food World Australian made baby formula for your newborn or toddler, do not hesitate to get in touch with us here through our website, on Facebook, or Instagram!