Mums talk ‘Nature’s Food World’!


Nature’s Food World is quickly becoming one of the top choices for Australian mums who are searching for an Australian-made alternative to breastfeeding.


For mothers who cannot breastfeed, are mixed feeding or choose not to breastfeed, Nature’s Food World is providing a high-quality, nutrient rich alternative, made in Australia, from milk produced by Australian dairy farmers.


So what are new mums saying about Nature’s Food World?


“It’s such a great thing to be able to use, Australian made & owned milk formula for our little girl. She had reflux and difficulty in gaining weight and now thriving on mixed feeding with your formula. Thanks Nature’s food world.”

Megan Morton


“Unable to breastfeed I started looking for formula alternatives, and was disappointed when I realised there were very few Australian-made formula choices available. Then I found Nature’s Food World! And I’m so glad I did! My son is healthy and happy and loving Nature’s Food World – and so am I!”

Alice Johnson


“I can’t speak highly enough of Nature’s Food World. My 18-month old is growing and developing wonderfully on the goodness of Australian dairy.  I’m now getting ready for my second baby to arrive, and look forward to mixed feeding with Nature’s Food World again.”

Rachael Krause


Mums nationwide are seeing a multitude of benefits from feeding their newborns and toddlers Nature’s Food World. These benefits are not only in the form of feeding their children an Australian-made, trustworthy product, but in the nutritional benefits that come with consuming Australian dairy, at any age!


Read more about the benefits of Nature’s Food World here, or contact us for more information!


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