The birth of Nature’s Food World
Baby Formula Milk Powders

About Nature’s Food World

Karla GartshoreThe birth of Nature’s Food World baby formula milk powders began 4 years ago in Albury NSW.

Our founder saw there was a need for an Australian Made baby formula product where the existing market share of infant formula’s on our supermarket shelves, predominately came from Asia.

Concerned that mothers trusted these brands but were unaware of the origins of the milk powder she set about developing an Australian made product and thus the Nature’s Food World brand was born.

Since those beginnings Karla has managed to recently launch onto the Australian market. With the major independently owned IGA stores across Victoria supporting the baby milk powder range plus Leo’s supermarkets in Melbourne.

We also understand that Breast Feeding is best for your baby. However there are situations where mothers are unable to breast feed their babies and we offer an alternative to this by able to give them the choice for an Australian Made alternative.

We understand mothers are reluctant to change formulations but our point of difference being Australian Made we know is a much needed breath of fresh air!