The birth of Nature’s Food World
Nutritious Baby Foods, Lifestyle Milk Powders and Infant Formulas

Our products

Nature’s Food World has been established in Australia as a premium brand owner of Milk Powders and Baby Foods.

Since our beginnings our constant market research has identified that dairy consumption and other fast moving consumer items in this sector, are growing at an exponential rate in the developing world. This represents huge market potential for our products which we have built our range around.

Under the Nature’s Food World brand products include Whole and Skim milk powder, Baby Food, snacks and drinks, Infant Formula, Pregnancy and Adult milk powder

Nature’s Food World has developed strong contractual supply chains around the world to move into different regions with sufficient supply and with the capability to supply at different price points to allow penetration of all markets and economies in any part of the world.

From this Nature’s Food World intends to supply this growing market sector and ensure that these new and sought after products are available to countries in particular China, India and the Middle East.

Our products are staple food items, that cover all age groups from baby through to the elderly.

The brands distinctive colourful packaging provides a visual differentiation and the range of products under Nature’s Food World offer variation in all age groups.

We are proud to present our range and see it appear in many countries across the globe in the near future.

Why Choose Us


Our products are full of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to enhance and support the health and development of your baby.


From consumer feedback, mothers value local quality ingredients for their babies at a reasonable price and prefer to know where their product comes from.


Nature’s Food World work with a local and trusted manufacturer who support Australian farmers with strong ethical standards for their livestock.

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